Donald Trump Is A Racist Along With The Entire GOP

Donald Trump is a racist for the bigot party

Racists Rally Around Trump Because He Protects Them

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a racist. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that this is in fact, a fact.

Actually, more evidence of this keeps coming out such as news of his Star of David tweet about Hillary Clinton’s financial corruption, and earlier this week there was also news about conservative talk show host Howie Carr opening for Donald Trump at a rally in Bangor Maine where he imitated a stereotypical Native American “war cry” when referring to Elizabeth Warren.

Clearly we can pin one of those on Donald Trump’s opener, but he’s already racked up enough of a reputation for his racist remarks that his influence is bleeding out into people like Howie Carr who feel it’s fine to “go there.”

Also, when you look at the shoddy operation surrounding Trump’s campaign, you can get a glimpse for how racism today is supported by template, created by the party he’s running for; which makes it easy for him and his droogies to simply plug-in their platform.

Those who have come out to publicly defend Donald Trump are doing so because they have a vested interest to protect themselves from the stigma that comes as a result of the racism they spew.

For instance, Chris Christie has no problem protecting his support for Donald Trump, as he also defended Trump in the press saying he was not a racist. And while there are plenty who have come out to say the same thing; I’ll also add to that the example of screenwriter Roger Simon who said the same thing during a interview with NPR’s Morning edition.

What these two examples show is that by denying that Donald Trump is a racist, it implies that racists do in fact exist and since that’s the case; how do we identify them? Do we have to catch them at a Nuremberg rally? Maybe catch them off guard while they’re in the middle of a lynching, wearing hoods and carrying torches? Are they still racists when they remove their garb and go back to work at the post office or the police department?

Really we don’t have to “catch” them at all because it’s all out in the open now, and it’s the Republican Party platform.

Those who have expressed genuine alarm among Republicans such as people like Paul Ryan, their’s are only genuine because those responses don’t happen very often and so they demand our attention.

Republicans such as Lindsey Graham, have even suggested that people should bail out of their support for the party which is certainly alarming as well. But even when he was asked by a CNN reporter about the Donald Trump University case, he too said that he didn’t believe Donald Trump was a racist, but he did say that Trump was playing the race card for political reasons.

Republicans Are The Only Racists To Ever ‘Erase’ Racism

One trend we’ve seen develop over the last several years under the leadership of our first black president, is the Republican’s Party’s attempt to repackage old ideas as new ones, flipping them and re-branding them in order to make their point.

Conservative media distributes those ideas, often with the aid of names that are respected among conservatives in order to add value, then they trickle down to the masses as legitimate points of view, causing the fraudlosophy they’re repackaged with to embed itself even further.

Donald Trump’s campaign has specifically driven the view that political correctness is something to wage war on, giving people who have always wanted to say something about blacks, Middle Easterners, Hispanics and other minorities the “go ahead” to do so. Political incorrectness is protected with the mindset that there’s nothing wrong with it, because being politically correct is wrong.

Put that together with the view that it’s okay for open carry advocates who also follow the same ideology to protest outside of mosques, you have an idea that’s armed-to-the-teeth and constantly mobilizing right outside our doorstep.

But that isn’t racism, right? Right wing supporters who come face-to-face with Hispanics at Donald Trump’s rallies, telling them to go home, assuming that all of them weren’t born in this country — seizing the opportunity to call those who were, “anchor babies” a derogatory way to address the “immigrant class” — surely, that can’t be racist, right?

The interview with Lindsey Graham referred to earlier has a simple breakdown of what Donald Trump’s view is that a Latino judge recuse themselves simply because of their nationality and nothing more, surely that it’s racist?

When Donald Trump points to a black man in the audience and says “that’s my African-American,” claiming some ownership like a slave-trader, surely that can’t be racist!

The Republican candidate’s publicly provided solution to terrorism is to surveil Muslim communities and mosques, which they claim is so necessary that it can’t be racist, right?.

This only reinforces the idea that people can harass Muslims at a distance, such as the mentioned open carry movement does — they’ve also followed Black Lives Matter protesters in the streets, claiming they’re making sure they don’t riot — or harass them more directly.

For instance, in a story by The New York Times about American Muslims who fear for their lives, one man felt the need to arm himself because a right-winger with a gun approached him in a grocery store parking lot, showing that Republican voters are ready to take matters into their own hands.

Omair Siddiqi said he had been about to get into his car in the parking lot of a shopping mall in the Dallas suburbs last month when a man came up to him, flashed a gun and said, “If I wanted to, I could kill you right now.”

Surely, that man wasn’t racist!

In reality the Republican Party has given its base the O.K. to be racist and offers them a system to do it publicly and the traditional way, with intimidation.

Donald Trump Is A Racist, I Can Tell You That; Believe Me!

One argument Republicans often make with these issues, is to say that Democrats were also racist through many of their policies in the past, but in the words of Bill Maher, “If you are a racist in America and you’re looking for a political party…”

How many people are struggling with the idea that they might be supporting Donald Trump’s racism by supporting him overall? Certainly there is more doubt that they should injected from those debates in the primary, and his platform now and the Republican Party is “forced” to find some way to adjust to their nominee, one way is to deny that Donald Trump is racist at all and so they will continue to manufacture that view through conservative propaganda.

Now we need to reflect on this war of ideas we’re currently in. Especially when there are enough people who will accept some racism to support a major party nominee, as if a candidate who encourages attacking political correctness, is better than a candidate who doesn’t.

The right-wing media attempts to make people like Heather MacDonald another Ayn Rand, or even get behind human weaponized versions of social issues such as Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart, who have targeted Black Lives Matter as the equivalent of the KKK.

The message is nurtured by their tribalism and it puts the welcome mat out for those who have some input into how they feel about “the other pigment” in society in order to reinforce it, or it creates a new generation of tribal racists who will take it into the future. And putting Donald Trump at the head of it seals the deal.

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