Republican Majority Believe Obama Isn’t American, To Ruin His Legacy On His Way Out

Republicans largely believe Obama was not born in the U.S.

(Inquisitr) – Republicans against Democrats, largely still believe now that President Obama was not born in the United States; and in the words of Donald Trump — period.

That’s right. This article refers to a poll which shows that almost eighty-percent of Republicans believe he’s not from here, as compared to the 40-percent shown in a video clip posted in the article, from 2010.

There’s also no doubt that Republicans are on board with the idea that Hillary Clinton started the birther conspiracy in 2008. It shouldn’t be ignored however, that the even though Republicans hate Hillary Clinton, they would still give her “credit” with something they so largely now believe?

All of this points to the obvious, that they don’t really believe any of this is true. What Republicans are actually doing, is going all the way to discredit the first black president of the United States, all the way to his last day in office.

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[Image by Fibbonaci Blue via Flickr | resized | CC BY 2.0]

4 thoughts on “Republican Majority Believe Obama Isn’t American, To Ruin His Legacy On His Way Out

    • My apologies for the late response @catsholiday. President Obama has been one of the finest presidents in recent memory. History will show that. And actually, we’ve been able to see a president who has been more driven to represent us domestically than with foreign policy. In this way he’s much more of a reformist, but the kind we needed after a war mongering Bush administration who dragged us through two wars. The opposition is made up of Neo-conservatives from that administration and bigoted nationalists who hate seeing a black guy in the White House. Really, the negative attitudes towards him and his family are because those are the voices of opposition that are loudest, but you will find on November 8 that those making all of that noise are very few. I encourage you to do your duty as an American and help us destroy the right, never let them take the White House, diminish them in down ballot elections in your area and make sure they get thrown out of congress. We should really look at Hillary Clinton as the new Republican and spotlight people such as Sanders and Stein as the new progressive Democrats.

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