Donald Trump’s Debate Conspiracies Continue To Feed The News Media

Donald Trump blames the mic rather than his poor performance during his first presidential debate

(Blasting News) – Donald Trump is always complaining about something. And for his poor performance during his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, he went after the microphone, saying that it was intentionally sabotaged before his accusation evolved to blaming the sound engineer.

What we’ve come to learn from Donald Trump’s supporters throughout the year is that they take him seriously for as long as they have to, while the media — even though they’re repelled by him — takes him seriously as a candidate. As the article shows, even the Debate Commission admitted to there being sound issues, which contributes to giving him some credibility. But what’s even worse is that his complaint is enough to create a distraction which fills in the holes where there should be a serious platform, or even more serious and pressing matters in that he’s wasting our time and isn’t going to be president.

As the article shows, the press is at fault for much of this and yet in their defense, they have to be due to the nature of the claims and the person who is making them.

[Image by Evan Guest via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]

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