Mike Pence Takes Muslim Ban Off The Table To Get More Supporters

Mike Pence is a worthless piece of shit, on a dumb train ticket with Donald Trump

(BlastingNews) – Let’s just admit that the Trump Pence campaign has actively been pitching a Muslim ban that prevents them from immigrating to the United States, due to security concerns. It’s an old pitch from the Republican Party who have practically cornered the market on terrorism and fear-mongering.

This week following the Vice-Presidential Debate, Mike Pence has been the face of Donald Trump’s campaign, and has been raked over the coals by some reporters for their Muslim ban until for whatever reason, Pence felt it was fine to say that the proposal to ban all Muslims was no longer on the table.

Whatever this is, it’s definitely going to be recycled into the weekend news round-up shows, where we’ll know for sure but really, this late into the campaign where — unless we’re to believe that Donald Trump and Mike Pence would bring authoritarian totalitarianism to the White House — saying they would no longer block all Muslims is how they’re going to gamble getting more supporters.

This report gathers up the assumption that Mike Pence is back peddling on the Muslim ban on Donald Trump’s behalf, as something that should not be taken seriously.

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[Image by markn3tel via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]

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