Anti-GOP Donald Trump Faction Will Explode Into A More Aggressive Political Party

Donald Trump's faction against the establishment GOP will likely turn into a new political party

Before the GOP headquarters was firebombed in North Carolina, Trump declared war on the GOP. Already, we see how this could create a third political party. This is especially dangerous as it was expressed in a recent discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher, where the host expressed his anxiety that election polls showing Trump falling behind are unfortunately meaningless. This is because of the uncertainty around how people are actually going to vote on Election Day which would suggest that Donald Trump still has a chance to win.

One comparison made was with the Brexit vote this year where British citizens were certain, a vast majority would vote to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union (E.U.) which also created uncertainty in the global financial markets before the vote went in the other direction. Even those pushing for Brexit were surprised that they had won and soon after, compared it to a vote for Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

And while there are disagreements within the U.K. parties, Republicans announced only weeks before Election Day that they were pulling away from Donald Trump, to redirect efforts into saving their House majority through down-ballot campaigns, due to the release of a Donald Trump video where he was caught bragging about committing acts of sexual assault. Following this, more reports were published over additional claims against the Republican candidate, causing more GOP leaders to flee from supporting him.

Donald Trump Faction Creates A Third Party

A recent discussion with Johnathan Swan of The Hill on PBS News Hour Weekend took a closer look, saying that while the candidate was losing party support, Donald Trump had apparently made a strategic effort with his Alt-Right Breitbart companion Steve Bannon, “to double-down on the most incendiary rhetoric possible.”

Here is that interview:

Swan’s statement was confirmed in recent speeches made where Donald Trump came out to say that he suspects Hillary Clinton was on drugs and should be drug-tested before the final debate, following his threat to sue The New York Times for reporting on the allegations about the lewd comments against him.

A question posed by PBS News Hour‘s Hari Sreenivasan was, what will happen with Donald Trump’s supporters if they no longer have a party to go to? Johnathan Swan responded, saying that he feels divisions will naturally force a third political party to form.

Well, this is a conversation that’s now happening with increasing intensity all around Washington. I mean, I — this week I had conversations with people close to [Republican House Speaker] Paul Ryan. I had conversations with people who were working for Donald Trump. And both camps are saying now openly that there may need to be a third party.

The Post-Election Trump Force

Embed from Getty Images

It’s been said that after the election — should Donald Trump lose — that he might take his team of media-savvy people such as Steven Bannon and Roger Ailes — previously of Fox News, and form a new media company. One that would be even more right-wing than current mainstream conservative media. But the possibility that the division created by Trump and Bannon could become a third party is something to consider. Swan reveals more reasons in the interview for why he thinks a third-party will form.

I mean, how do you reconcile the Donald Trump universe, which is the view of Donald Trump and his campaign CEO Steven Bannon, is that Paul Ryan is part of the conspiracy with folks like George Soros and Paul Singer to bring about one-world government, to destroy America through open borders. That’s literally their world view. Steve Bannon has said to his colleagues at Breitbart that Paul Ryan is the enemy. How do you reconcile that with Paul Ryan and with the elite wing of the Republican Party that believes in all of these orthodoxies that they’ve supported for the past 20-years? I don’t see how those tho things join up.

Much like the Brexiters, Trump and Bannon supporters are all anti-open borders. They believe they are in fact too open, which takes the idea Republicans exploited about America’s border security issues, which they’ve exaggerated to serve their anti-immigration view, just as Brexiters did, who want to seal their borders from the E.U.
Overall, Paul Ryan has already been targeted as the enemy by pre-Donald Trump supporters in Congress, who are the Freedom Caucus. This shows that there is some real potential for momentum, for the beginning of a new Trump party.

[Image by JBouie via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]

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