Deplorables Go From Gun Advocates To ‘Gun Shy’ In Lame Trump Assassination Attempt

Donald Trump assassination attempt was quickly stopped by Trump's basket of deplorables.

The answer to the question of if was there an assassination attempt on Trump, is no. There wasn’t. And while the reports of a potential Trump assassination attempt from Saturday are still circulating into the beginning of the week, they’ve mostly taken a back seat to the fact that it is also around the same time that Americans are finally going to learn the outcome of one of the most anticipated elections in U.S. history. The reason the momentum of such a story has made so little impact is because it isn’t much of a story, given that the Trump assassination attempt was really no attempt at all and the person who was pinned down by the crowd and yanked out by special agents, was not armed.

Harmless Protester A Threat To Trump Supporters

As a matter of fact, according to various reports, the instigator of the Trump assassination attempt was actually a peaceful protester, who was holding up a sign in the crowd that read Republicans Against Trump, which was also enough for Trump supporters to attack him before someone in the crowd yelled out “gun” which only escalated the situation. This is interesting given that the Republican candidate’s supporters are not supposed to have a fear of guns — much less someone yelling out the possible sighting of just one. Because, as staunch, stubborn, and unmovable supporters of the National Rifle Association (NRA) who feel the necessity to indoctrinate everyone else with their motto, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” they seemed to have been pretty spooked by it.

The protester says that he was checked for weapons after law enforcement pulled him out of the crowd and into a back room where they found nothing. So obviously, the deplorables who surrounded the protester were the only ones who knew how to incite a possible assassination attempt by shouting out “gun,” without there being any reason to think that anyone actually thought he had one. As for anyone else outside of that area, they could only have assumed the worst, that there was an actual assassination attempt on Trump. But in the confusion of someone shouting “gun” in the crowd and the candidate’s security agents rushing him off stage; the video shows the crowd disperse for fear that they we’re going to get shot. Again, without someone shouting out that a person is trying to kill people — you know, that thing that’s more dangerous than a gun?

The Word “Gun” More Dangerous Than A Real One

From the video, and again, from the view of everyone around “ground zero” of the assassination attempt, the person trying to kill another person in not seen. One can only therefore assume that people are just wrestling with the gun on the floor or they’re trying to prevent it from running off between the legs of a crowd of its greatest supporters. Even then, one might also assume that rather than make a big ruckus about it, that shouting out “gun” would trigger sentimental “awes” from the dense — in more ways than one — basket of deplorables. Then in the footage circulated, the man who made the attempt is moved out from within the crowd while everyone shouts angrily at him, followed with them chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! repeatedly.

Before this however, Trump pointed the man out in the crowd and said that the protester was sent from the Hilary Clinton campaign, which is close to the truth in that the man’s association with the Democratic candidate is that he’s going to vote for her. Then Trump called for him to be taken out, before the footage went viral as an assassination attempt. One YouTube channel owner who released the footage as “breaking news” even associated this with the Illuminati, which is just as baffling as the same kinds of Trump supporters openly calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton and then deny that they’ve even made the threat. So, clearly, Donald Trump’s supporters have gone entirely negative with everything about this “nothing burger” story of a gun that didn’t exist. Which should be a convincing case for the fact that they will decide when a gun is dangerous and when it isn’t and still stick to the story that it was an assassination attempt on Trump.

[Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0 license]

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