Angela Merkel Is The Boot On The Neck Of A Fascist Trump

Angela Merket statement to Trump is loaded

(Blasting News) – Trump’s victory shakes Europe’s geopolitical order enough to get a public statement from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Trump on Wednesday, after he won the Presidential Election. The statement was part congratulatory but also loaded with a subtle warning to him, that she would work with him but under the condition that he preserve the values of their alliance.
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The statement from Angela Merkel to Trump is the first time she has responded since he criticized her on a interview he did with Piers Morgan in March, saying that she had gone “mad” with letting refugees come into Germany, as reported by The Daily Express. He didn’t hold back and said that she had essentially ruined Germany.

What Merkel did to Germany is a shame, it’s a sad, sad shame what’s happened to Germany. I have friends in Germany, they want to leave Germany. These are people that two years ago were telling me that it’s the greatest place on Earth and now they want to leave. I don’t know what happened to her, I don’t know what her thinking was, but I don’t think they are going to recover from it very easily if at all.

There’s where we see the disconnect where Trump can’t seem to figure out what Angela Merkel’s thinking was, which is baffling because she’s been very clear with her reasons. Those reasons being because it’s the right thing to do, to help people who are being slaughtered in their own countries. It’s commonsense to help these people, but to Trump and his supporters, they overshoot that first natural instinct and go straight to finding some way to demonize, criminalize them and try to drive them away back to their country. The only thing that makes sense as to why they would do that is because of the simple motto, “they’re not like us.”
EPP Summit, Maastricht, October 2016
When Angela Merkel’s re-election bid appeared to be in jeopardy earlier this year and into last year, the stability of the route for refugees who are trying to stay alive was threatened. Currently, the structure around her seems to be rather robust. But Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States is pretty much a guarantee that she’s going to be trolled on a global scale while she’s in power. However, she is surrounded by leaders who — as the Blasting News article refers — have no problem being direct with Trump.

This means that as long as Angela Merkel is around, there is guarantee that good can prevail in a world where fascism is looming, waiting to wield power again as it did before. Angela Merkel comes from a country that knows fascism too well and so she’s made it very clear, that her country will be watching Trump very closely.

[Image Screenshot/Reuters]

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