Friday Afternoon: NewsWave Headlines – December 2, 2016

Friday afteroon newswave

Here’s my pick of some of the latest news stories and opinions from independent writers and wonks. Please support these efforts to distribute independent voices and views and use the PayPal button on this page to donate what you can today!

Exoneration for Chinese man twenty-years too late

New abortion law in Texas

7-year old violently bullied by tutor

China – innocent man cleared of rape and murder 21 years after his execution

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(Blasting News) – This recent report brings to attention the oppressive Chinese regime. The fact that it’s taken this long to exonerate an innocent person certainly points to that oppression, but it isn’t specific to China only. Oppressive people in all parts of the world — even in the U.S. — also make it difficult to exonerate innocent people. This report explains the hurdles and the healing.

New Texas abortion law: aborted fetuses must be buried or cremated

(Blasting News) – You can throw a dart in a room full of Republicans and always hit someone who is anti-abortion. In my presented scenario, mentioned Republicans are likely lawmakers as well. Which means they have a hand in creating laws that make abortion difficult. Texas is a red state and has been cracked down on consistently by federal and the Supreme Court for coming up with creative ways to stop abortion. This is only the latest tactic.

WTF: 7-Year-Old Kid Gets Jaw Busted By Teacher, ‘He’s Still Shaking In His Sleep’ (VIDEO)

(Reverb Press) – There are reasons for a parent to worry when they drop their kid(s) off at school. Hours away from supervision and you never know what’s going to happen. This is one of those horrific cases.

Featured Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr | resized, cropped, colorized and added to by @JonMarkDraws / CC BY 2.0

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