Reclaiming Agency

From President-elect to dictator, Trump swearing in at inauguration.


What could be a more appropriate end to the shameful and disgusting display that was the American Presidential electoral process than the election of Donald Trump? What could be a more fitting punctuation to the circus of vile corruption and insane lies, than the elevation of a narcissistic, megalomaniacal, vulture-capitalist, reality T.V. star to the most powerful political position on the planet? What could be a more fitting result to the putrid farce that is American electoral politics?

The answer is, nothing. Donald Trump is exactly the result of American electoral politics. Parenthesizing the fact that approximately 42% of eligible voters did not vote at all, which is an indictment of the system in and of itself, Donald Trump, a notorious fraud, and con-man, found a place to thrive in this trash-heap called the electoral system. With decades of self-congratulatory rhetoric and condescension, Americans have touted the “virtues” of their “democratic” system.

Well, take a good long look, because the system that exists is the system that empowered Donald Trump. This is the result of all the primaries and delegates and donors and caucuses and fundraisers. Here is your “democracy” in its most naked and practical form – personified in an entitled, self-satisfied, billionaire, misogynistic ecologically ignorant, ultra-nationalistic, racist.

But how did we get here?

What has led to the election of a figure that is so repugnant? If someone like Donald Trump is able to be successful in this system, what value can this system actually have? What has led to the people outsourcing their agency to shameless and morally vacuous financial and political elites?

There are, of course, no quick answers. However, one thing is clear, American electoral politics are completely and utterly corrupt. Our system, whatever title you wish to give it, is rotten to its greed-infested core. It is not a system where public interest and utility are the primary motivations. Instead, electoral politics in America feels more like tribalism, where two sides wear their colors and mindlessly cheer for their chosen gladiator. It’s as though elections are sports events. The fact that a thing like “Fantasy Politics” exists is a good indication of the absurd attitude Americans have toward their political process.

Perhaps now, at this very late hour, Americans will take a look at themselves and the results of their political process and see the glaring truth that faces us all. We have a systemic problem. The issues plaguing us are not going to be voted away. Voting, in its contemporary form, is the inflated illusion of agency that has bred complacency toward further political activism. We are programmed into thinking we are reduced to this narrow avenue of political action called voting.

This must end.

Inauguration Day 2

The senseless fetish for representative politics must be firmly overthrown. We must destroy this illusion that capitulating to this corrupt system is the proper way to fight this corrupt system. We must stop outsourcing our agency to political representatives that openly admit to being bribed legally.

There is much that can be done to fight the onslaught of tyrants and plutocrats, and fight we will. However, choosing between tyrants and plutocrats in a “democratic” election is not only an insane choice, it is insulting. This electoral process is insulting. The election of Donald Trump has firmly exhibited the monumental failure of the system. We must stop enabling this political facade of public service and start working for actual public service.

The energy wasted on juggling and promoting candidates that may or may not be corrupt and may or may not win elections is energy that might be spent on constructing a more prosperous community. It is time that political momentum no longer be bottle-necked and choked by corrupt representatives already entrenched in the corrupt system. It is time that we reclaimed our goddamned agency!

NOTE : in the video provided, take everything after 5:25 with a grain of salt.

[Image by screenshot via YouTube]

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