On ‘Snowflakes’: A Coping Mechanism for Right-Wing Cowardice


One bizarre development accompanying the Trump phenomenon is the right-wing fetish for using the term “snowflake”. It is everywhere – from the entitled screeches of Tomi Lahren to the Twitterverse of Pepe avatars.

In fact, on social media, one can rarely interact with a Trump supporter without them calling someone a snowflake. It has become a kind of mantra among the devout travelers riding faithfully on the Trump Train.

But what do these clever Trump supporters mean by snowflake? Why is this term used to describe those who question Trump?

It would seem that those determined to “Make America Great Again” use the term “snowflake” to illustrate the weakness and fragility of the left. The word symbolizes the delicate and tender constitution of those opposed to the Trump agenda. The strong and courageous GOP is pointing out how delicate and pathetic “libtards” are.

But there is a glaring contradiction – a snowflake conspiracy. It would seem that those using the term “snowflake” are the ones to whom the term most appropriately applies. They have pulled a sneaky reversal in their narrative. One might make the argument that these Trump-friendly voters, commentators, pundits, radio broadcasters and enthusiasts are using a defense mechanism known as “Psychological Projection”. This involves superimposing one’s own feelings onto others as a more impartial way of coping with those feelings. In this case, those feelings would be cowardice and spinelessness.

Let’s get something straight, when you are afraid of immigrants, refugees, Muslims, LGBTQ people, diversity, women’s rights, secularism, and bathroom threats from the trans-gendered, YOU are the snowflake. The true cowards of America are those who refer to undocumented immigrants as “illegals”. There is no group more spineless and weak than the group of people, who, for their own safety, are willing to demonize refugee women and children. If you want to know what a snowflake really looks like, look at any cowardly person who rationalizes America’s illegal wars while rejecting the refugees those wars created. Just look at the entire self-serving rhetoric that passes for republican political discourse. It reads like one big appeal to fear, xenophobia, cowardice and ignorance – snowflakes indeed.

Even more perplexing about the use of the term “snowflake” by Trump supporters is the utter weakness and fragility of Trump himself. This is a man who has openly tweeted about how harsh musical and movie actors are. He treats political criticism as personal persecution. He throws juvenile tantrums about the media. He lets celebrities get under his skin. And perhaps most ironically, he dodged the draft multiple times. This is a billionaire, silver-spoon, over-privileged, dough-boy. If there is a snowflake champion award, it easily goes to Donald Trump.

In conclusion, it is probable that the term “snowflake” is merely a desperate way for the right to cope with its own feelings of inadequacy and cowardice. Deep down, they know that scapegoating refugee women and children is chicken-shit. They know that demonizing immigrants is historically ignorant and spineless. In one form or another, they know that they are cowards, they feel it as any human would; and their disdain for snowflakes is, in actuality, an indirect hatred of themselves.

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