Writing Process And Format

First Time Writers

SEO Optimization

First Time Writers

For now, aside from the basic rules in our call for #ResistanceWriters, you can go ahead and start writing about the violation of human rights, social issues, politics, government accountability, world affairs and everything and anything against the fascist state of the Trump administration! Please make it a goal to submit 3 pieces a week!

The following is for those who want to have a reach that goes farther than our sharing process currently allows. This will help you get the word out to a wider audience!

SEO Optimization

1. select keyword and phrase, put in the title. Then, enter both 10 times in the body of the WordPress editor.

2. Write your piece, making sure to use the keyword and phrase together (unless you have to break it up so that it reads naturally) at the beginning, as close to the beginning of the first sentence of the first paragraph. Then, repeat for the first sentence of the second paragraph, break up throughout the text and use again as the first two times together at the end of the entire article.

3. make sure you shoot for 600-word min and ay least two headers for easier reading flow.

4. Make sure to at least use 2 highly reputable source links to increase the value of the site and post. Also, if possible, try to make sure you link to an internal post if relevant to the piece. This will eventually be of value to advertisers, which we want to do in order for us to have a paying model in the future. NO RUSSIAN STATE NEWS SITES!!!

5. After checking your article for spelling, grammar errors, etc, go to the keyword density tool and copy paste the text in to check for density. You will find the keyword and phrase count percentage.

Go ahead and submit your article for review. I will add images to the article as the process is quite lengthy and has to be done a certain way to save space right now. if you want to add a tweet, facebook link or other social media to put in, go ahead and put them where you want them placed.