Selective Outrage: A Bipartisan Hypocrisy

One of the greatest political predicaments facing America is the issue of tribalism and partisanship. The problem is rampant. The political atmosphere has become one of two warring camps at constant odds with one another with a complete inability to find any common ground. The people are incredibly divided. Democrats and Republicans have become factions in a perpetual political civil war. Continue reading


Humans Are Parasites

In relation to the earth, humans are parasites. This is not a metaphor or some pop culture reference to Agent Smith from the Matrix. Humanity’s relationship to nature and the biosphere is largely, if not, exclusively, parasitic. The model by which humanity organizes itself and its resources is one of uni-directional, linear, unending, consumption that is entirely at the expense of the Earth. Continue reading

Reclaiming Agency

What could be a more appropriate end to the shameful and disgusting display that was the American Presidential electoral process than the election of Donald Trump? What could be a more fitting punctuation to the circus of vile corruption and insane lies, than the elevation of a narcissistic, megalomaniacal, vulture-capitalist, reality T.V. star to the most powerful political position on the planet? What could be a more fitting result to the putrid farce that is American electoral politics? Continue reading