Thursday Night NewsWave – March 9, 2017

First Lady Melania Trump Doesn’t Deserve Sympathy From Liberals

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(Liberal America) – As reported by Liberal America; author, podcaster and gay-rights advocate Dan Savage has no sympathy for First Lady Melania Trump and neither should anyone else, especially Liberals. Of course, all of Trump’s supporters — those who are willingly misguided — are weaponized Nazis (conservatives) who have attempted to normalize their hatred as an American value.

Their hatred towards, minorities and women are fully represented in their “president,” and they’re determined to use the traditions of pedestal worship given to all first ladies to demand acceptance of theirs. Fuck that. She’ll get no sympathy here. One should be “liberal” in their attacks on everything and everyone claimed by Trump, including Melania. Dan Savage explains why she deserves it, but he really shouldn’t have to.

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High Noon Monday Newswave – 12 PM – January 2, 2017

Trivialising Genocide

Obama Administration Expels Russian Officials, Sends Warning to Trump

GOP Readies Swift Obamacare Repeal With No Replacement Ready

Remains of EgyptAir plane crash contain explosives

Handgun discharges, killing Press Herald columnist M.D. Harmon at his home

Not-Quite-Psychic But Totally Realistic 2017 Predictions: Vol. 2 (VIDEO) Continue reading

Republicans Who Continue To Deny The Impact Of Climate Change, No Longer Count

(Inquisitr) – More communities, cities and America’s infrastructure along the coast is getting hit with storms that are ruining people’s lives.

Of course, there’s the constant debate about climate change which a entire party in power does not only deny that its impact is real, but go even further to say that it’s a hoax?

The reason for this is so that even saving or at the every least, doing something about infrastructure, can be denied or refused, under the idea that it’s a way for liberals to control more through government.

This means that congress won’t even pass bills to help protect these areas that are even hit by storms, as a natural occurrence.

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The Polls For Our Presidential Candidates Won’t Change Until After The General Debates

(Inquisitr) – As we post this, the system is churning out this sense that Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech is going to be the biggest thing ever.

But for who? There’s a lot of talk about how he’s likely back-peddling on his promised to make Mexico pay for a wall he and Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto said he would build.

The polls on these two have remained the same and they cannot be dismissed because those are the things that many people depend on, to see who they want to vote for.

Between now and the general election, no matter what happens, the polls will remain the same until the GeneralDebates

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Iraq’s Rapid Execution Of ISIS Militants, Justice Or Sectarianism?

(Inquisitr) – It’s been reported that the Islamic State is on the run in Iraq, or that they’re being pushed out and aggressively fighting back. According to many of these reports however, their domination of territory has significantly weakened and as their strongholds are taken over by those coalition forces, they’re cracking down on those who fought with and for the Islamic State.

Various sources are reporting on the execution of 36 ISIS fighters by the Iraqi government for the killing of 1,700 recruits who were kidnapped from a base in 2014. Even though this kind of “justice” is common for justice systems throughout the Middle East, there’s reason to also be concerned that this might also fuel sectarianism, as the ISIS militants are Sunni Muslims.

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Foreign Policy: President Obama’s Decision To Arm Syria’s Rebels

(Inquisitr) – For at least the last five years, Republicans have been furious about President Obama’s non-involvement in the Middle East, with the growing threat of Islamic State, Libya, Syria, etc.

Those to the extreme left have also been furious about the president’s drone strike programs, which have killed many civilians. Obviously, Republicans are hard at work creating fiction, as it only takes a little determination to find out that — while he isn’t sending thousands of troops into the Middle East — he’s doing something about it. One argument has been over arming rebels to stand a chance against the Assad regime in Syria.

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