Tea Party Terrorist Plants Loaded Question About Libya, Clinton & Obama and It Blows Up In Their Face


This morning a person who refers to themselves as Jesse Toler posted the following question to one of our posts, on Facebook.

Wasn’t it Obama and Clinton who bombed Libya and put the Jihadis in power?

Obviously it’s a loaded question and here was our response.

First of all, if you’re trying to provide some rationale to legitimize the right-wing insurgency of the extremism we’re currently seeing in the GOP today, then you’ve come to the wrong place to do so because we’re #DeclaringWarOnTheGOP here.

Which means that all you’re here to do is troll and again, try to legitimize the #TeaParty insurgency.

Aside from that, to answer the question itself, it was an American led coalition but would not have happened without the involvement of NATO and the UN, which can be argued to be mostly under the power of the United States which swayed the decision to in favor of the U.S.

In hindsight, given that the Arab Spring spread across 18 countries at the time and there was a massive crack down on protesters, such as there was in Libya; I don’t see how John McCain would not have done the same thing the Obama administration did in either leading the attack or at the very least, have some involvement.

The blame put on Bush for declaring war in Afghanistan and on Iraq, which dragged on for the entirety of his administration, which invested its time with a torture program, mass surveillance and making more of an effort to create #Daesh is different from the blame you’re looking for in following through with strikes on Libya to aid the rebellion.

Even without the U.S’s involvement, groups like Daesh would have still taken advantage of the instability which is essentially what happened with Iraq and Syria, which was overrun first, before they spread into Libya.

But then again, you might have anticipated something like this and posed your question to openly declare that you are with the insurgent Tea Party, because if that is indeed what’s going on here then you would consider McCain to be part of the Washington problem because they’re not ‘conservative’ enough.

The entire purpose of the insurgent tea party has been to take down and defy the Obama administration, but also liberals, no matter what. So that also leaves what’s left of the actual purpose of your question, which is to also make a motion to settle for support for another round of #BenghaziHearings to try and drag Hillary Clinton under, one more time during an election year, to go along with the release of the domestic terrorist group’s insurgent media wing Breitbart and their book on her due out in early 2016.

As an extension of that your loaded question, is the final motive which is to insinuate some blame to the Obama administration for the existence of Daesh.


A Right-Wing Terrorist, Responds To Our Post In Yabberz (uncensorsed)

After I published a post on Yabberz, a right-wing terrorist who goes by the name Kleo commented their self-manufactured view of what they think the article I wrote, said, which is why none of these people have any valuable insight and are only here to destroy and terrorize for their own goal.

Again, don’t kid yourself, everything from right of center and all the way to the right, is the enemy.

Since comments on that system can be flagged and deleted, I’ve posted the uncensored version of my comment to them here but have the more controlled response there.

right wing terrorist insurgency has taken over America

Signs of Madison’s Tea Party:”You Should Be Scared of Me” The sign reads “If Your [sic] A Socialist Liberal Politician You Should Be Scared of Me -Very Scared” In case you think he’s kidding the flipside of this sign revealed it was made on a box for a hunting chair.

First of all FUCK you.

Second, go fuck yourself and drop dead, in either order, you have the freedom to choose.

Third, Chuck Todd is a nerd and seems to think Republicans have anything legitimate to say so both you and him can go fuck yourselves.

Fourth your president (who’s black by the way, who’s that feel white guy​?), basically handed the context over into terrorist Republicans (you’re a terrorist).

Fifth, Venezuela isn’t a right wing country, their cabinet elections have won a large right-wing majority but the administration there is still largely socialist and there are more than plenty of reasons to believe that he’s had people murdered, as recently as a few weeks ago reportedly, so obviously simple information doesn’t go through your extremist insurgent filter of shit you call a brain, or you can’t read.

Sixth, right-wing extremists are putting pressure on left-wing governments to reject refugees because they’re all bigoted racists, just like you.

Seventh, go fuck yourself.

Eighth, drop dead.

Ninth, not in the same order.

Tenth, journalist or not, at least I’m not a conservative Nazi terrorist, such as yourself.

Finally, this ‘journalist’ and their team has a job to do, which will probably result in a knock on your door by the feds so, keep your nose clean or turn yourself in before it gets worst.

Featured image “Signs of Madison’s Tea Party:”You Should Be Scared of Me” by Comet Star Moon via Flickr is under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License

Want To Solve The Mass Shooter Problem? Throw Right Wingers Into Concentration Camps

Seems like an odd things to suggest but, not when you think about the fact that the greatest opposition to anti-gun laws are conservatives and they agree along with progressives that mental health should be looked at closely (as long as it distracts from going after guns), then we should look at the obvious and agree the most unstable come from the protected right wing extremists.

You want an effective mental health program then what you do is to go into the communities where these loners and extremists who are ticking time-bombs should be yanked out of their homes, and put on the nearest train to a camp that concentrates on rehabilitating them. It would be a great opportunity to track these dangerous elements in our communities by tagging them to not be let out of our site where they mean to build their diabolical plans. (Bubblews)

Chris Mercer Showed More Sympathy Than The Baddest Cop

The reporting coming out of the recent mass shooting at Umpqua Community College can and has been messy as everyone scrambles to get the facts but almost as soon as they get them, there’s even less of a reason as to why they should get anything wrong other than they’re deliberately fucking with the facts.

One report states that real life hero Chris Mintz who tried to stop the gunman pleaded for his life, asking for the killer to look into himself to spare him and so it’s very likely that the killer did by shooting him in the legs. Which is more than what many now dead unarmed black men have gotten from murderous police officers. (incendiaryAmerican)

Let The Record Show Just How Stupid The GOP & Its Constituents Are

Again, mind blown by Occupy Democrats

Yes. We live in a time where memes like the one above, establish enough truths in such a small space to just blow your mind. Or, maybe I’m simple minded? Doubtful, because if you’ve followed up on what members of the GOP have been doing for years to fight against common sense, then you know you can’t make this shit up.

While the Democrats have some issues of their own to deal with, the progressive left is the only solution to fixing all problems and finding any solutions to all affairs. The day we go Republican again, will be the day things are totally fucked!

Correction: Took the apostrophe out of It’s in the title.

Ferguson War Cry!

We are Ready For WAR!

Since Michael Brown was gunned down like a dog by a potato head looking, hills have eyes killer Darren Wilson, tensions have eased down gradually the more distance we have from that tragedy.

Luckily, the protests haven’t died down as it’s also part of the reason why the conversation has changed, allowing it to evolve where it’s more complicated than it used to be. It’s no longer being pulled one way or the other by polarizing media groups because we’ve gotten tired of the trite statements and found some middle ground along the way, to say that there IS something pigheadedly wrong with America’s police force.

Who would have thought that a few shots would have us back at the beginning again, frustrated with the fact that though some efforts have been made yet it didn’t take long for the cops to start trying to heighten tension with a brigade ready to crack down on protesters once again.

Enough people among the group of protesters carried out the cry to where anyone could hear, that they are ready for war. The media could spin something quietly shouted out into a huge story but the reports state that clergy and others were trying to calm down the cops and the protesters.

We all know those who literally fired the shots are calling them too, but enough protesters are still upset to unite for that war cry, which is exactly the tone this situation needs to take. No need to be nice about these things anymore. Let the confrontation stand as it is, this IS war.

Orange Shit-Bag Is A Hypocritical Fact Hunter

John Boehner - Caricature

A few days ago #PlannedParenthood was tracking for all the wrong reasons. I guess the threshold of what makes a topic go viral is lowered on twitter — considering that almost every comment made sided with being anti-planned parenthood.

Maybe my figures are all out of whack, but it’s also hard for me to see it any other way because in reading the article: Planned Parenthood Video: Why Use Tissue From Aborted Fetuses?, I can see the Republican agenda playing out perfectly in front of me for the following reason(s):

The article starts with a paragraph in which is reads; “with House Speaker John Boehner saying the case makes him want to “vomit” and Republican-controlled committees in Congress promising to investigate.”

Just go back to anytime when the media has caught Republicans red-handed and that fuck-nut has been up there saying that we need to know the facts before drawing any conclusions.

That should be a red-fucking-flag for anyone with a gram of intelligence out there.

Isacson, Ole. “Planned Parenthood Video Raises Question: Why Use Tissue From Fetuses?” NBC News.NBCNEWS.COM, 17 July 2015. Web. 17 July 2015..

ReThugliCons Are Already Up A Radioactive Creek With Iran For A Paddle

I’d like to make a joke about the fallout were already getting from the nuclear deal with Iran but I just made it.

It’s just like fucking clock work, these guys are obviously going to spin the shit out of how terror-heavy this whole deal is to them before they’ve read the details.

Netanyahu is doing his best to make these bold assertions that it’s the worst deal in history and his parade of slutty Republicans fall right in line.

A report by the New York Times starts off with:

Before Congress had even begun its official review, Republican leaders vowed Tuesday to kill President Obama’s nuclear accord with Iran, setting up a fierce fight to save the president’s signature diplomatic achievement.

It reads that congress will have sixty days to review the deal but my guess is that they’re not even going to read the fucker; they’re going to sit on it for sixty days, make up a lot of bullshit to get a lot of good people scared and stand by it to vote no.

Even when we go further into the article, it shows that there are going to be plenty of opportunities to do this because Republican Bob Corker says:

“In the end, those who believe this truly is going to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. Those who believe that is not the case, and the world is not going to be safer — in some ways it may pave the way for them to get a nuclear weapon — will vote against it.”

So what he’s saying here is the same thing we already know, which is how a bill is voted on. Basically, if you believe it’s not going to make Iran a threat, then that person will vote for it and if someone doesn’t believe that, then they’ll vote against it.

What is this, government 101? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!?

But as we’ve seen well over the past going on seven years, the power of conviction isn’t fueled by facts. Which is why they have the teabaggers there, the house idiots who they might successfully convince to believe it’s just going give more power to Iran.

Actually, they don’t have to be convinced, they’re already as dumb as — well, a teabagger!

At the end of the article, it looks the they have the same predictions I have about how all of this will turns out, especially when it comes to winning over Democrats in the opposition.

Congress Versus The World

I can already see through the conservatives’ game. They know in their mind that this is a good deal and yet they get really worked up about it for their constituents.

I guess that if you’re going to make a career out of something, than make it out of something you don’t really believe in that pays well.

But I’m not sure that’s doing anything more than providing some cushioning for why they do what they do.

In any case, don’t get duped by their bullshit because — in case you haven’t been doing your research — the U.S. wasn’t the only one who agreed to this, so did a handful of other nations: China, Russia, France, the UK and Germany.

Slate’s Fred Kaplan did two things in his post: “Why Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Neocons Hate the Iran Deal“, the first being that he annoyed the shit out of me when he started using pundit shop talk with the phrase Zero-sum game; the second was to point out that all of these chumps opposing the deal aren’t really chumps at all when they’re actually opposing the deal for more boring reasons.

It’s kind of like Star Wars Episode One where we wanted to see more action and less about the trade deals.

All of this seems to be true as India is expressing excitement over this whole thing.

This administration has two historic deals already moving into play, the one with Cuba where new business ventures are already beginning to stream in and with the weakening of sanctions, we’re likely to have the same thing with Iran but there’s still bound to be some hurdles to overcome as the Islamic republic also has its hawks.

What’s super crystal fucking clear is that America simply can’t be doing what it’s been doing for its entire history. It’s time for some Goddamn diplomacy.