Shoddy Las Colinas Developer Is Better Than No Developer!

The Mustangs of Las Colinas is one of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world. Williams Square, a stark, pink-granite plaza in the Las Colinas Urban Center, is home to this breathtakingly realistic bronze sculpture of nine wild mustangs crossing a stream. Tourists from around the world visit the plaza to view the impressive, larger-than-life depiction that serves as its centerpiece. From: The Mustangs of Las Colinas 2 is under License Some rights reserved by Texas Explorer 98

I want to address the comment that someone made on the article about the collapsed deal between the developer and the city of Irving for a Las Colinas hotel. In it the commenter states that the city of Irving tends to fall for the sweet talk, which is why they haven’t been able to seal anything for the convention center or have stalled with any further development in Las Colinas.

The commenter also doubts that one of the developers involved, Rick Lazes of The Entertainment complex (original name, I know) will be a good go to developer to sweep in and pick up the pieces.  Mostly because of the shoddy recycled set up they’re responsible for called the NC Music factory in Charlotte.

Sure it’s using old warehouses, but it’s no different from the Dallas Music Complex we have here and really at this point, with previous plans to break ground next month before the developer Mortenson Development couldn’t raise the money. Already it seems like a pretty sweet deal for Lazes’ purse to get a unheard of low-front that covers 10%.

The article reads in a way that makes me embarrassed for Mortenson. Why were they missing their deadlines? Was it that much trouble to find an investor? How much of a risk is there to double down on this thing? If they give it to Lazes (which has to be the next step) then it will be cost effective and very greatly needed. Because since the lofts opened up nearby, there can be nothing is worst than leaving a bunch of hip young business professionals stranded in the middle of and aging business district with nothing to do.


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Potential bullshit charges against Bowe Bergdahl

USA PFC BoweBergdahl ACU Cropped

In a recent phone interview on All Things Considered, an army medic from Berghahl’s squad expressed anger at Bowe demanding that he be held accountable for abandoning his post five years ago, mostly because of the deaths of six soldiers who were specifically looking for Bergdahl after he disappeared.

Obviously the concern is that he just wasn’t loyal to the U.S. War in Afghanistan enough to stick around.

Bowe Bergdahl is a hero.

Anyone with common sense would do the same.

But those lives that were lost, would have been lost anyway whether they went to look for Bowe or not, and not because of why he abandoned his post but to hold him accountable for doing so.

Maybe the question should be whether they would have searched for him differently whether he abandoned his post for good or bad reasons, or if he had been kidnapped.

This same sentiment was expressed by the VP of national security and international policy for the Center for American Progress’ Vikram Singh on PBSnewshour:

I think it is extraordinarily risky for people to start saying that somehow we shouldn’t have worried about Bowe Bergdahl because of the way he might have been lost to the Taliban. Did he stray off from a patrol and get captured? Did he desert? Did he wander off his post?  Was he in some kind of emotional distress? Was he suffering from anything from dehydration to just excessive stress?

As the days go by there’s push to hold him accountable for what these soldiers are supposed to be doing anyway, looking after each other.

I can’t help but recall the scene in guess who’s coming for dinner where Sidney Potier’s character is telling his dad off, saying that his generation doesn’t own him anything and that he took care of him and raised him because that’s what he’s supposed to be doing.

Which is the same case here like Bergdahl owes those soldiers something?

Of course the military isn’t this efficient with keeping people in check without incentives such as criminal charges.

So it’s reasonable to let them do what they need to do, which if they think he’s against the United States, they’ll try and put up a shield around him and watch him as they send him back to his family.

That indicates that this might drag on for longer if critics want it too, and that all depends on what the Obama administration wants to do to make an example of deserters.

If they’re smart, they’ll back him up, give him some medals and leave him alone.

Dallas’ hidden cash hunt was a creepy social experiment

Early Monday morning, I did what ever well-rounded mainstream dope does in this country and turned on the T.V. to the mainstream news.

Local affiliates are generally packed full of weather and traffic reports but to change things up a bit, they mentioned that the well-known hidden cash hunt was coming to Dallas and would take place at 6PM that evening.

It took seconds of hesitation before I changed the channel.

I’m human enough to be interested but rational enough to know it’s a waste of time.

A waste of time because they said the envelopes would be placed around Victory park, the city’s perfect world kit section of the city.

It’s a place where you can buy a shitty Heineken for nine dollars, where the Mavericks hold court, restaurants are at selfie-distance from lofts and the WFAA news studio has a panoramic view of the whole thing.

It’s basically a real estate developer’s hard on proudly displayed.

Setting up these little twitter hunts is a good idea for getting a lot of attention, but when the scavenger hunt is money, it’s capable of becoming more like a creepy idea because it’s a social-control experiment.

Which is what this thing turned out to be.

First of all it wasn’t the original hiddencash account, but a ‘copycat‘ account, @hiddencashDFW.

If you watch this video here about this low-rent and staged cash grab, you get an idea of what this area looks like and how controlled it was.

And here’s the deal, it was also only $290 dollars, which means I can set up my own hidden cash hunt if I wanted to.

But to set it up the way they did shows that the person(s) who funded this thing and made a big local stink about it, have some issues with just letting go of the money.

They were more interested in seeing what people would do in a controlled environment.

The conversation in my head says that it was for fun and not just about the money.

I’m assuming someone has made that argument.

But the people who find the money can’t be people who spend unwisely.

They have to be clean cut folks wholesome folks.

Right across town, there are homeless shelters with plenty of hiding places to put this money, but instead they did it here where no one had a chance.  

Reset The Net: ‘Don’t Ask for Online Privacy… Take It Back.’

ProPublica published recommendations this week, about what kind of encryption software you can use to lock down your drives. The more people do this, the better and while nothing is entirely secure, it’s what we can do now without having to give up our support for the internet. Some prefer to go into Luddite mode.

Looks like a lot of progressive corporate entities are helping to mobilize this effort: Reset The Net: ‘Don’t Ask for Online Privacy… Take It Back.’. If the teabillies can have their “grassroots” bankrolled than maybe the left should to? I guess that’s grassroots in the twenty-first century. Go to that link for details.

“Sergey’s whine of many sanctions”

Sergey’s whine of many sanctions by Brandon McKinney

I know this is a TLDR moment, but I was rather pleased with this comment I made on an article regarding UkraineI’d like to break down the pedantry of things said in order to extract the meaning.

Sergey Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy minister for foreign relations.

Let’s start here: he called the sanctions “meaningless, shameful, and disgusting.” This is all pure opinion.

Meaningless? In comparison to what? If it was ‘meaningless’ why is he so upset about it? It clearly has meaning and it evoked a response.

Shameful? For whom? Russia? You bet it’s shameful for them; that is the whole point of sanctions, to shame those who refuse to follow international law*.

Shameful to the USA? Only to whose who would rather go to war than use diplomacy.

Disgusting? By what definition? Taste, sound, sight, what?

Consideration? Ok, so Sergey is disgusted at sanctions. Well, they weren’t exactly designed to make people feel good.

Onto the rest of his quotes: “It will only intensify all the processes in Ukraine which it intends to change or stop,” Now this is a very crucial sentence and attempts to confuse but in fact reveals a truth. In essence, Sergey has said that Russia is going to punish Ukraine on purpose, because of USA’s sanctions. Let’s look at it closer.

“Processes in Ukraine.”

These would be the protests from pro-Russian militants that are assumed to be Russian Special Forces. Ukraine is currently trying to “stop” those protesters and trying to “change” the Ukraine constitution to allow more powers to Eastern regions. So, put it all together and it’s a stern warning that Russia intends to mess with Ukraine further as punishment for sanctions that it claims are “meaningless.” OH, BTW that means that Russia admits to interfering with Ukraine. Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone! 

Next: “It is yet another sign of a reckless behavior of the U.S. administration.” Supposition and false dilemma. He offers no examples. The use of “yet another” without any frame of reference is a way to pry into the guilt of any person who thinks, “oh, he’s talking about ‘that.'” Who knows what Sergey was referring to? For all I know he was referring to the church anointment of Senator Ted Cruz as a “King.” I sure call that reckless behavior!  Sanctions are considered the most tame of punishments, so “reckless” is a massive overreach. Now openly stating that the US will fight militarily without even trying to set up any talks; THAT’S reckless.

Next: “No lessons are learned from the past.” A generalized statement that doesn’t apply to any specific person unless you “want” to “assume” he is talking about the “U.S. Administration.” I can say “assume” because there were NO pronouns in that sentence to refer to and no subject nouns used.

Next: “The U.S. does literally nothing to impress its cronies and clients in Kiev on whom there is full responsibility for constant deterioration of the situation in Ukraine.” Again, Sergey gives himself away.

The problem is Sergey is assuming he knows what DOES impress US’s cronies and clients. That reveals that he knows these people and knows what they want and the US isn’t giving them what they ask for. This is actually true because the interim government in Ukraine want harsher reprimands for Russia and the US is holding back.

I think Russia should say “thank you” to the US, actually. Now, Sergey says that the clients and cronies in Kiev are responsible for the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine.

Which situation is he talking about because there is actually more than one going on in Ukraine? Is he referencing the protesters in Donetsk? Is he referencing the elections in May? Is he referring to the Geneva agreement? He really needs to be more specific if he wishes to communicate his point.

Next: “This is what needs to be changed and not the policy of Russia.” Ok, so the “this” Sergey is referring to must be the impression the US Administration needs to make on it’s client and cronies. Why? because the last “thing” Sergey refered to was that US did literally nothing to impress, That is the only action you can change if you use a determiner like “this” after referring an event in a prior sentence.

One can’t assume he’s talking about the “reckless” behavior because that was referenced too long ago to be accurate. Nor can it refer to not learning from the past. Sadly, it also doesn’t refer to Sergey’s warning of messing with Ukraine due to sanctions. It is because of this last part that you can’t reference the entire dialog as “this.”

So there you go. Sergey needs some lessons on how to properly convey a message during a speech or interview. If it was written for him, then that person needs a new job.

Wondering about that * I put in an earlier sentence? It’s because if you say you’re going to abide by International Law, then you must. If you never said you would abide by international law, then you don’t have to respect it.

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On Abortion ~ The Body PolitiK

I like the sound of Dr. Abhuwalia the “baby butcher” is the medical director of the Abortion clinic on Routh street. He sued UGHD Dallas clinics for revoking his admitting privileges Thursday according to this story: by Courthouse New Service when the new UGHD chief executive officer, Chuck Schuetz decided the hospital would be pro-life. Here’s some analysis from a fellow blogger who breaks down the situation as a protester who was on the scene.

Shooting ends standoff at Southwest center mall

These are tweets from the DFW CBS 11 local new desk

These are tweets from the DFW CBS 11 local new desk

*(Arlington, Texas)(Dallas, Tx) The CBS local news helicopter was live with the footage until the news anchor reported live that they were told by police to pull back which made the live footage harder to see where the focus was stressed. They must have been told to not show anything because they shot their camera at another part of the highway while the standoff was ending. They did report earlier that they had been told the driver had a gun. While their camera was angled elsewhere, the news anchor said that there was shooting reported and that the driver was dead.

There’s no confirmation of this and no reason to think that this happened. Also, the account this is from seems to take liberty in saying WTF they want

*correction.  Took place in Dallas in what used to be Red Bird Mall. Thought it was Arlington. Tag removed. [15:42 pm]