A Canadian Voice on American Politics under Trump


There was a time when I was totally oblivious to what was happening in the United States, where politics was concerned.  Some years back, I vaguely remember watching TV one night and seeing some man named Obama on a stage proclaiming: “Yes, we can!” and thinking how cool it was that a black man was going to be president. I also remember thinking that history was being made, but beyond that, I didn’t give American politics a second thought.  Like, ever. Continue reading

Angela Merkel Is The Boot On The Neck Of A Fascist Trump

(Blasting News) – Trump’s victory shakes Europe’s geopolitical order enough to get a public statement from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Trump on Wednesday, after he won the Presidential Election. The statement was part congratulatory but also loaded with a subtle warning to him, that she would work with him but under the condition that he preserve the values of their alliance. Continue reading

Why Giving Humanitarian Aid To North Korea For Flood Crisis, Is Shady

(Inquisitr) – On August 29, North Korea was hit with floods by Typhoon Lionrock and since then, there are been more reports coming in about damage, missing people and many deaths; said to be the worst flood disaster since World War II.

But they always say that. And the damage could be exaggerated. There have been other reports of the typhoon hitting other countries such as Japan and China and with them, more devastation.

In another article, North Korea is asking for humanitarian aid even with a history of lashing out at other nations, threatening to annihilate them, and even increasing their missile launches into other’s territorial waters.

In this article, it’s said that the DPRK Red Cross is there distributing medical supplies and food. But the government has such a tight grasp on it, there’s reason to believe they’re not telling us everything.

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[Photo by European Commission DG ECHO via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0]

Another Worthless Ceasefire Agreement In Syria

(Inquisitr) – So this ceasefire agreement would be a great waste of time if it wasn’t for the fact that the U.S. wasn’t already pinned down in Syria, trying to keep Russia from taking credit for anything.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry fighting battles uphill to come to some agreement with the Russians, to impose another ceasefire between the rebels and the Syrian government, so that the United Nations can at the very least, distribute humanitarian aid to those in need.

The agreement is said to be for a week, before they take the next steps. But be skeptical about this agreement. Though everything that John Kerry has said about dividing the region as to where Syrian troops can attack extremists; will have to wait and see how this first week goes.

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[Image by U.S. Embassy Bern, Switzerland via Flickr | Public Domain]

Iraq’s Rapid Execution Of ISIS Militants, Justice Or Sectarianism?

(Inquisitr) – It’s been reported that the Islamic State is on the run in Iraq, or that they’re being pushed out and aggressively fighting back. According to many of these reports however, their domination of territory has significantly weakened and as their strongholds are taken over by those coalition forces, they’re cracking down on those who fought with and for the Islamic State.

Various sources are reporting on the execution of 36 ISIS fighters by the Iraqi government for the killing of 1,700 recruits who were kidnapped from a base in 2014. Even though this kind of “justice” is common for justice systems throughout the Middle East, there’s reason to also be concerned that this might also fuel sectarianism, as the ISIS militants are Sunni Muslims.

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[Image by Patrick Feller via Flickr/CC BY 2.0]

Foreign Policy: President Obama’s Decision To Arm Syria’s Rebels

(Inquisitr) – For at least the last five years, Republicans have been furious about President Obama’s non-involvement in the Middle East, with the growing threat of Islamic State, Libya, Syria, etc.

Those to the extreme left have also been furious about the president’s drone strike programs, which have killed many civilians. Obviously, Republicans are hard at work creating fiction, as it only takes a little determination to find out that — while he isn’t sending thousands of troops into the Middle East — he’s doing something about it. One argument has been over arming rebels to stand a chance against the Assad regime in Syria.

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[Image by Freedom House via Flickr/CC BY 2.0]