Why Giving Humanitarian Aid To North Korea For Flood Crisis, Is Shady

(Inquisitr) – On August 29, North Korea was hit with floods by Typhoon Lionrock and since then, there are been more reports coming in about damage, missing people and many deaths; said to be the worst flood disaster since World War II.

But they always say that. And the damage could be exaggerated. There have been other reports of the typhoon hitting other countries such as Japan and China and with them, more devastation.

In another article, North Korea is asking for humanitarian aid even with a history of lashing out at other nations, threatening to annihilate them, and even increasing their missile launches into other’s territorial waters.

In this article, it’s said that the DPRK Red Cross is there distributing medical supplies and food. But the government has such a tight grasp on it, there’s reason to believe they’re not telling us everything.

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[Photo by European Commission DG ECHO via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0]