Capitalism: Comments On An Immoral And Illogical Society

Is human civilization decent? What claim have we to civilization when excessive poverty and suffering persist alongside the excesses and hyper-luxuries of the over-privileged? What claim to morality do we have when solvable suffering exists? How can we claim any amount of decency when decent society is often dismissed as Utopian? Continue reading


Reclaiming Agency

What could be a more appropriate end to the shameful and disgusting display that was the American Presidential electoral process than the election of Donald Trump? What could be a more fitting punctuation to the circus of vile corruption and insane lies, than the elevation of a narcissistic, megalomaniacal, vulture-capitalist, reality T.V. star to the most powerful political position on the planet? What could be a more fitting result to the putrid farce that is American electoral politics? Continue reading

The Story Of An Albanian-Muslim Girl In America

I have to tell you the story of my friend. I met her about 10-years ago when her sons were still in school. I actually knew her husband first, he ran the pizza shop in my neighborhood. He kept telling my husband, “if you need help at your house, my wife cleans houses.” I was very uncomfortable with that, but due to my job, yes, we needed help. So Sam brought her over… I fell in love with her immediately. We became friends and even when I no longer needed her, we kept her because I could not give up my Tuesday mornings with Zia. We drank coffee, shared stories of our families, we love each other like sisters. Continue reading

High Noon Monday Newswave – 12 PM – January 2, 2017

Trivialising Genocide

Obama Administration Expels Russian Officials, Sends Warning to Trump

GOP Readies Swift Obamacare Repeal With No Replacement Ready

Remains of EgyptAir plane crash contain explosives

Handgun discharges, killing Press Herald columnist M.D. Harmon at his home

Not-Quite-Psychic But Totally Realistic 2017 Predictions: Vol. 2 (VIDEO) Continue reading

Monday Morning Newswave – 9 AM – January 2, 2017

GOP Blames Obama For ‘Delegitimizing’ The POTUS, And Putin Is Loving It

Make America Wait Again — Use Couriers Instead Of Email, Says Twitter King (VIDEO)

Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated By ‘Lone Wolf’ Over Syrian Conflict [UPDATE]

Lege Preview: The Coming Attack On Texas Unions

War With Iran Could Be Inevitable Should U.S. Congress Impose New Sanctions

Forget Plymouth Rock; Indigenous Peoples Head To “The Rock” AKA Alcatraz For Ceremony Continue reading

Lunchtime Crammer: Newswave Headlines – December 19, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Little Girl Saved From Cold Oklahoma Streets By Tulsa’s Only Good Samaritan

Pockets Of Protests Send A Message To Wells Fargo DAPL Investments

Trump Transition Team’s Week Of Attacking White House Over Russian Hacks

Trump Supporters Force Nation To Unify Under Banner Of White Nationalist Movement

Pre-Trump State Department Limits Weapons, Intel Sharing With Saudis Over Yemen Continue reading