The Best Top Ten List, The Best!


A friend who writes a regular blog on government reform-related issues once observed that he always reached the most readers when he posted a Top Ten List of…just about anything.  A lengthy, carefully researched column never aroused as much response as a list of undocumented opinions arranged in some order of priority.

With that in mind – and with the understanding, everyone with a computer is now compiling a year-end/year-beginning Top Ten List of something – I want to offer you some prioritized, undocumented opinions you might not be seeing elsewhere. Continue reading

Our Insanity Explained


From the December 3 edition of the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — A conservative operative trumpeting his close ties to the National Rifle Association and Russia told a Trump campaign adviser last year that he could arrange a back-channel meeting between Donald J. Trump and Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president, according to an email sent to the Trump campaign.
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And Justice for Some


(To paraphrase George Costanza’s assessment of his understanding of women, I probably know less about American race relations than…anyone on the planet.  The rural school district in which I was reared was home to one non-white family and I never had cause to speak with any of its members.  The longest conversation I’ve ever had with a person of color who wasn’t trying to help me reboot my cable box was a ten-minute chat with a gentleman as we waited for a speaker to arrive at a conference on politics and journalism.  In only those ten minutes, we’d reached agreement on the statement, “Chris Christie is a big asshole.” Who knows what understandings we might have reached had we had more time?

But since we live in a new world where personal experience and understanding have become unrelated to one’s right to express an opinion, here goes…) Continue reading

Anti-Establishment Sentiment and the False-Equivalence of the Left and Right


Charles Davis recently penned a piece in The Daily Beast, attempting to equate the far-right with the populist-left. Davis’ piece exposes another attempt by political centrists to lump progressives in with the neo-fascist alt-right. The piece contains certain ironies and follows a centrist narrative. His article spreads the myth of an equivalent far-right and the left. He presents a centrist veneer of pragmatism while failing to present nuance on the political visions of those on the right and left. Assumptions seem to ground Davis’ piece, rather than factual analysis. Continue reading

A Canadian Voice on American Politics under Trump


There was a time when I was totally oblivious to what was happening in the United States, where politics was concerned.  Some years back, I vaguely remember watching TV one night and seeing some man named Obama on a stage proclaiming: “Yes, we can!” and thinking how cool it was that a black man was going to be president. I also remember thinking that history was being made, but beyond that, I didn’t give American politics a second thought.  Like, ever. Continue reading

A Moore Unique Perspective


I thought the time-wave that traces the course of American politics had hit rock bottom in about 1994, never suspecting another Bush was waiting in the wings to send it hurtling further downward.  Now, as the Roy Moore Senatorial campaign continues to plague the Republican Party and the nation, Americans are being compelled to concede that America has a putrid, disgusting layer that lies beneath even the sordid “Trump-o-trope.” Continue reading