“Dallas’ Fifteen Mask March”


Come on guys, can we step it up please? I’m all for what you’re doing, or at least of making some effort. Really, I’m stoked for the few that did show up to this thing cause I’m the type of dude who sees a penny on the ground and doesn’t hesitate to pick it up. Why, just the other day I found twenty or so pennies on the ground in the same spot!

I mean look. I totally understand the small turn out. I mean, it’s not like people are running to my blogs. I know where you’re at. No one wants what I’m selling. I do think though that as a branch of the anonymous movement, it would do you some good to promote the thing.

I also understand keeping your distance from the federal building cause, they wouldn’t have one problem rounding everyone up so quick, no one would know you were even there.

I’m not saying this dude was the most interesting thing that happened there. There’s probably plenty of footage of stuff that didn’t make the internet. I’m kind of an asshole for not knowing that this was going on cause I’ve been keeping my head down lately, trying to eat and you know… stay alive and stuff.

But a lot of other people didn’t know this was going on. I didn’t turn on the news for the past few weeks, that’s how bad it is over here. So for those who didn’t know any of this was going on, here’s what was going on all over the world apparently.

Now, I don’t trust RT for shit but they put this video up to show a map of this massive movement.

Oh yeah, this is how much my head has been up my ass, I forgot forgot the fifth of November. Dammit. See? I haven’t even seen a calendar! But the video about the internet being able to bring down regimes isn’t wrong about that. The only problem is that there will always be sheep, which is what we are. All we want is for us to be able to push a button and get stuff easily. So, it’s up to the hacktivists to speak a language we haven’t, won’t or don’t learn.

The guy fawkes speaker also talks about the freedom of choice and expression. But again, we have the freedom of choosing to be sheep, but we’re left in the dark because of that.

Anonymous Wins, Cops Lose”

“Good one!”

Dallas’ hidden cash hunt was a creepy social experiment

Early Monday morning, I did what ever well-rounded mainstream dope does in this country and turned on the T.V. to the mainstream news.

Local affiliates are generally packed full of weather and traffic reports but to change things up a bit, they mentioned that the well-known hidden cash hunt was coming to Dallas and would take place at 6PM that evening.

It took seconds of hesitation before I changed the channel.

I’m human enough to be interested but rational enough to know it’s a waste of time.

A waste of time because they said the envelopes would be placed around Victory park, the city’s perfect world kit section of the city.

It’s a place where you can buy a shitty Heineken for nine dollars, where the Mavericks hold court, restaurants are at selfie-distance from lofts and the WFAA news studio has a panoramic view of the whole thing.

It’s basically a real estate developer’s hard on proudly displayed.

Setting up these little twitter hunts is a good idea for getting a lot of attention, but when the scavenger hunt is money, it’s capable of becoming more like a creepy idea because it’s a social-control experiment.

Which is what this thing turned out to be.

First of all it wasn’t the original hiddencash account, but a ‘copycat‘ account, @hiddencashDFW.

If you watch this video here about this low-rent and staged cash grab, you get an idea of what this area looks like and how controlled it was.

And here’s the deal, it was also only $290 dollars, which means I can set up my own hidden cash hunt if I wanted to.

But to set it up the way they did shows that the person(s) who funded this thing and made a big local stink about it, have some issues with just letting go of the money.

They were more interested in seeing what people would do in a controlled environment.

The conversation in my head says that it was for fun and not just about the money.

I’m assuming someone has made that argument.

But the people who find the money can’t be people who spend unwisely.

They have to be clean cut folks wholesome folks.

Right across town, there are homeless shelters with plenty of hiding places to put this money, but instead they did it here where no one had a chance.