Writing For SurvJourno

First thing’s first…

I cannot pay writers right now because we’re simply not there yet.

“There” meaning that we’re not set up to pull in the kind of traffic that advertisers would like to pay for, but that’s essentially our goal.

However, I hope that you can help us build SurvJourno from the bottom up because we do have to start from somewhere.

In return, I will provide you with SEO training, share out your posts and do everything I can to increase your views and spotlight you as a writer.

Not paying isn’t how I want things to stay. I’m looking to turn this into a real media company and so the goal is to pay writers!!! As a writer myself, I know the need for this. Even I write for some services for free, which is a good trade-off considering what I get from them in return.


If you’ve ever wanted to hammer away at conservatives but no one will let you be as aggressive as you’ve wanted to be, I will let you do that, provided that there’s some intelligence in the writing and no buffoonery. Of course, if it’s well-crafted buffoonery, then I’ll get behind it.


Links to Klanservative media sources will not be allowed. You can refer to them by name but don’t help them get traffic. Links to Russian state news services are also not allowed. Enough of American “progressives” towing the Putin line. Because you’ve got to be kidding me with that shit!? I won’t have it.

SurvJourno Ideology

Just so you get an idea, I’m looking to militarize the left of center mindset to fight back and hammer the right, much in the same way that Breitbart has (without the racism.) We need to spotlight Leftist nationalism, and if there is even an argument to be made for indigenous nationalism, in order to really take this country back!

Words of WAR!

The Process

I’d like to get a min of 3 articles a week from each writer I recruit. I’ll share out your posts on forums I’m a member of, social media groups, printouts to hand out regularly as an independent newspaper and in my daily @NewsVVave service, with podcast starting at the same time as the Trump era begins.

The Words Of War

Also, this may or may not be a deal breaker but, I target right-wing trolls online aggressively, offensively and sometimes even violently, threatening to boot stomp them through these social media accounts. Why? Because it gets the worst of the worst worked up to make us a target. I want to stoke the fires of anger that energize the right because their engagement turns into promotion.

This isn’t a model that’s supposed to work when you’re running a media service. But we’re currently in the middle of a social war, online, that can only be waged with words and the propaganda of identity-politics and with your help, we can win that war.

Taking On Trolls

Anything goes for when you’re attacking trolls. There’s no reason to engage them in a serious discussion. The reason for that is, the way I see it, they’re not interested in doing that either.

If you get one made enough, a lot of times they will retweet your assault and get other trolls to target you. That’s called free promotion.

True Engagement

We could debate the source of my anger. If you’re onboard then you also know where it comes from. I’m currently in a physical training program, that will guarantee me winning a confrontation with a bigoted, reich-wing nationalist who thinks they can assault someone in a public place. I’m confrontational when I need to be

Invalid Sources

I don’t want any links from Russia Today or Sputnik, not just because they’re Putin-laced but because if you’ve noticed, all of it is bias against Western media, which doesn’t fully deserve the level of attack they get.

Reason for this is because they will still report that someone was “walking down the street,” but Russian state media will tell you that the person walking down the street was doing it in a way that was favorable to Liberals, while they tell you that they’re giving you the news that Western media won’t! If you have a problem understanding that, here’s another example.

For instance, I’ve heard nothing but attacks against the white helmets, as if Western media addressing that they run in to help people is helpful to the “terrorists” and are still considered terrorists. Notice that the whole reason they’re saying that is because it fits into Russia’s and Syria’s message to consider all opposed to Assad as terrorists.

While I am critical of the U.S. Government, it doesn’t mean that there is merit for an assault that’s so aggressive, it makes room for a Trump “presidency,” the first dictator of the United States.

Here are the “news” sites I simply cannot allow.

  • Sputnik
  • Russia Today
  • The Washington Times
  • Breitbart

Faithless, Godless, Heathens

It might be that we have one writer who is afflicted with a religion, enough so that they do not notice themselves even making objective references to God or Jesus. In which case, one is enough to make this writing team diverse.

But, SurvJournos should be aggressively secular, even atheists in order to make sure that faith-based references are not made, or become second nature.

One should not have to be reminded that there is no god.

Join the fight!